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Blazing Beauty is a glamorous bouquet of Craspedia, Gemini, Tulips and Roses that is guarnateed to brighten your home and give joy to the people around you.
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Blazing Beauty

£39.99 £35.99
Our dazzling Sunshine Giftbox features ethically sourced, sustainable flowers in vibrant colours. This bright bouquet of beautiful flowers is certain to brighten even the darkest day.
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Sunshine Giftbox

£41.99 £37.99
This simple yet classical bouquet of beautiful flowers, handcrafted from ethical and sustainable local florists is the perfect gift for Anniversaries or Birthdays. A truly tmeless combination of blooms, colours and scents for any event.
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Timeless Whites

£49.99 £44.99
A classic, elegant bouquet of scented white Lilies adds glamour to any interior, makes the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or is an excellent alternative christmas centrepiece. Our ethically sourced, sustainable flowers are guaranteed to brighten any occassion.
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This vibrant bouquet of fresh, hand tied flowers is almost as much fun as a trip to the carnival and combines Germini, Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus and Roses to stunning effect. A perfect example of beautiful flowers at their finest!
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Our Luxury 6 Red Roses is the perfect flower bouquet to say I Love You and surprise someone on Valentines Day. Also ideal for Anniversaries or Birthdays, nothing says 'I love you' like these classic, hand tied flowers.
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Handcrafted by our skilled local florists, the Remy bouquet is a stunning combination of Germini, Lilies and Roses that are hand cut and have a wonderful aroma. Available for same day delivery and perfect whatever the occassion.
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£44.99 £38.99
The ideal handcrafted bouquet to express your love, this colourful combination of Germini, Lily, Lisianthus and Roses are fantastic Valentine's flowers. Show your feelings with our ethically sourced, sustainable flowers.
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A handcrafted bouquet featuring a delightful combination of Germini, Lily and Roses, these sustainable, ethically sourced flowers are an ideal way to relive fond memories of the past.
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Sweet Memories

£41.99 £39.99
A magnificient handcrafted alternative to traditional seasonal flowers, our Snow Day Giftbox features Carnation, Chyrsanthemum and Roses in clean and classic whites and greens. These hand cut flowers are ethically sourced, sustainable and make a great Christmas gift.
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Snowy Day Giftbox

£39.99 £37.99
Featuring Chrysanthemum, Freesia and Roses this is a gloriously wild and wonderful bouquet with delicate textures and pastel shades, making it perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and any special occasion. Handcrafted by local florists with ethically sourced, sustainable flowers.
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£61.99 £57.99
A stunning selection of seasonal flowers, this handcrafted combination of Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum and Roses in rich, deep colours will warm the heart of anyone who receives them. Our ethically sourced, sustainable flowers are guaranteed to brighten any occassion.
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Elegant and eye catching, this bouquet of hand cut flowers features Iris, Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus in vibrant colours. he ideal gift for a loved one, our flowers are ethically sourced and sustainable.
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The classic Valentine’s bouquet of twelve red roses is as popular as ever. These beautiful velvety red roses speak of love and devotion like no other flower can!
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The perfect combination of red roses and pink lilies, this handcrafted bouquet of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers is an ideal gift idea for Valentine's Day. These hand cut flowers are sure to fill the air with a sweet strawberry scent and a loving feeling.
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A beautiful, handcrafted combination of Gerimini, Antirhinum, Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus this bouquet of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers possesses an understated making it a gift for all occassions.
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Pure Pastels

This Pink Lily Bouquet combines vibrant fresh flowers with green foliage and is handcrafted by our local florists and is the ideal gift for Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays. A stunning arrangement of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers.
Available for same-day delivery
This beautiful Elizabeth bouquet is hand made by our local florists and is the perfect gift to brighten anyones day.
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A simple yet ultimately romantic bouquet for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Six gorgeous red roses hand tied with care and delivered with love.
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A gorgeous selection of seasonal flowers expertly arranged and hand delivered by our local florists, each Summer Pastel Bouquet is unique and feature a variety of hand cut, ethically sourced and sustainable flowers.
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Urban Design Flowers Flowers by Occasion

Flowers will make your event extra sweet and special. Urban Design florists choose these flowers and arrange them perfectly to suit your different occasions, from small to huge events like weddings and birthday parties. You will be surprised by our flowers’ loveliness. Check them out and be mesmerised with Urban Design Florist. Urban Design Florist has what you’re looking for.

Things Our Customers Say

happy hkv
July 2020

Ordered a bouquet of flowers. Julie helped me choose the flowers. Very helpful lady. The social distancing measures and the contactless payment made the experience very good.
Lynn Stewart
June 2020

ThankQ for the conversation and you was very polite and i ordered flowers from you with no problems at all
Sharon Kesterton
July  2020

I had never used this company before so it is always a worry when you order but i took a chance, so glad i did, they were really helpful and did beautiful flowers for my mums funeral exactly what we asked for, would def recommend and will use them again myself.
Paul Scotney
March 2020

Fantastic Product and Service. Bought flowers online at 2pm and delivered within the hour. Very pleased with service.

About Solihull

Urban Design Flowers is a Solihull florist and has been a trusted company in the flower industry for many years. Established in 1972, we provide excellence in creating and delivering fresh flower arrangements for all of your events and occasions in life. Becoming the leading florist in Solihull has been a dream come true to us. We are not just working with any flowers, but with the most beautiful, the freshest, and with the highest quality flowers you will have ever seen. We are always aiming to make you happy and satisfied not just with our flowers but with our great extra services as well.

We get our flowers from the best local sources. We make sure to add something to your orders like tips on how to maintain the freshness of your flowers longer because you deserve the best. Each flower is thoroughly handled and chosen by our florist. They make sure to pair and mix these flowers meticulously to satisfy your monies worth. We make sure that the beautiful flowers you see on our website are the ones you will get when your delivery arrives at your doorstep.

Order our flowers online now and see their freshness and loveliness with your own eyes. Just choose your desired flowers and Solihull flower delivery service will be at your doorstep before you know it. Urban Design Flowers, the Solihull florist, is available from Monday to Saturday. Feel free to contact us at 0121 777 9789 or message us at with your inquiry and concerns. We will highly appreciate your feedback because Solihull Florist is ready to do everything to meet your demands. You may also visit our shop located at 1140 Stratford Road Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8AE.

Urban Design Flowers are also here to assist you for your wedding events to become more special. Click here to browse for more wedding flowers.

A Little History Of Solihull

The dedicated team of artisanal florists at Urban Designs Flowers have the knowledge and expertise to create floral arrangements for any occasion, and with a same day delivery service are confident that they can provide these arrangements whenever a customer needs them.  Passionate not only about flowers, but also the town and region on their doorstep, our florists find inspiration on a regular basis. It is the belief of the team that after sharing some history of their home town, and the natural beauty that surrounds them, others will be inspired to take advantage of their experience and expertise.

Despite having a population in excess of 123,000, Solihull is a largely rural historic market town in Warwickshire, south of the centre of England. Approximately three quarters of the town is designated as a green belt, and there are a large number of parks, gardens and nature reserves within the city’s boundary. Solihull is situated on the banks of the River Blythe and located in what is known as the Forest of Arden area, which is why it still retains such a vast array of wildlife habitats and green spaces.

An Iron Age Hill Fort at Berry Mound was the site of the earliest known settlement in the area, and dates back to the first century BC. It covered approximately 11 acres, and sat near the River Cole, which feeds the River Blythe.  This river is thought to have been the border between the Corieltauvi and Cornovii and formed a junction between the two powerful Celtic Tribes. As the Forest of Arden was so dense, there are no examples of Roman roads which passed through it, although there were Roman settlements in the vicinity, notably at Coleshill, Metchley Fort and Alcester. Due to deforestation, largely as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and emparkment , a process whereby large mansions and estates were created at the expense of local villages, very little of the Forest of Arden remains.

Despite the loss of much of the forest for which the area is named, there remain some stunning, and surprising examples of the nature within the town and on its doorstep. Clowes Wood is a local nature reserve which is thought to have been wooded since the last Ice Age, although it almost clearly in the early twentieth century. Despite being bisected by the railway, there are a number of habitats here including wet meadow, heathland and woodland. Flowers such as lily of the valley, bilberry and cow wheat thrive here, and this 45 hectare site is also home to badgers, red fox and over fifty species of breeding birds.

Malvern and Brueton Park is located in the town centre and is both a town park and local nature reserve. Despite being on a relatively narrow strip of land the character of the site differs vastly along its length. At the Malvern end of the 130 acre, Green Flag Award winning site, there are more formal areas, including flowerbeds teeming with flowers and insect life. It is this part of the site that offers inspiration to florists, and it also showcases what they can do. The Brueton Park end of the site is the nature reserve and mostly dedicated to showcasing native tree species. It also contains the River Blythe Site of Special Scientific Interest, not to mention a carpet of wildflowers.

Being surrounded by such a wealth of nature, it is little wonder the team of florists at Urban Designs Flowers are so inspired. Our florists have the knowledge, passion and expertise required to brighten any occasion with original bouquets and floral arrangements.

We Promise

Competent and Innovative

Urban Design Flowers at Solihull promise you, our dear clients, that we only offer the best floral designs and flowers. Urban Design Flowers assure you that our flowers are second to none.

Freshest Blooms Guaranteed

Solihull Florist gives you the finest and freshest flowers that we get from our direct sources. We promise that we will choose thoroughly your flowers and will passionately arrange them all.

Guaranteed Delivery Service

Indeed, Solihull Florist ensures and promises to meet ends with you to the best of our abilities, especially when it comes to deadlines and deliveries. At Urban Design Flowers we promise that our client’s orders of flowers and bouquets will be delivered without inconvenience and in perfect form.

Passion For Flowers


Flower Academy

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Flowers are essential to the world as well as to our lives. You can have basic knowledge about flowers even if you are not into the flower industry. Learning their importance and meaning can help you choose the right flower and make your own designs on flower arrangements. Be inspired also on how these flowers change the floristsu2019 lives. Read our magazines and you will get to know our company and its flowers.

Care Tips

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Cut flowers tend to stay shorter than the potted ones. Solihull florist is here to help you maintain your flowersu2019 freshness longer than the other flowers. We make sure to extend your happiness by providing tips on how to have a longer beauty of these flowers so that your smile will be extended as well. Read our care tips here and enjoy your flowers longer. Enjoy reading!

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